Day 97 — Lunchtime Gestures


Clemson alums will recognize the gesture in the upper-left. Maybe even the TD’s Tiger.  The rest are merely from imagination.


Day 96 — Scribbles


Playing around with a pen I never use, a Faber-Castell “PITT Artist Pen.”  It looks like a brown marker to me. Not sure why I have one, probably picked it up on one of my more inspired trips to the art store many years ago.

Day 93 — Dancer


My wife and I attended our niece’s dance recital yesterday. We’ve been going to them year after year and it’s interesting to see her grow as a dancer.  She started out as most kids do, clumsy and unsure of themselves, going through the motions as instructed.  Now she and her peers have reached that point where they’re truly dancing and you begin to wonder who will continue as a professional one day.  Whether our niece decides to pursue dancing or simply enjoy it for recreation, it was inspiring to see someone stick with something until they’ve begun to truly excel.

Day 92 — Terror



This was a drawing I did while trying to clean the browser hijack from my computers.  That’s plural.  Thanks to Google Chrome’s syncing ability, the MP4 to MPEG converter I downloaded from, of which had a 4 out of 5 star rating, happily infected my Chrome user preferences so that my homepages were now Trovi Search and AVG SafeSearch.  While I felt bad enough falling for such a trap (I was installing the software in haste in order to get the video to a user who needed it for an imminent presentation), I had a feeling that I’d see it again at home as it always came back on the work PC after repeated cleanings.

Sure enough, I open Chrome at home and there is it. Insidious.

Thankfully, a coworker pointed me to Google’s Chrome Sync site where you can clear your synced browser data from Google’s servers.  This allowed me to remove the hijack from my stored data, allowing me to crush it with a cocktail of powerful anti-malware tools.  Still, I feel humbled having to fight a piece of malware that I give other users a hard time falling for.

Day 91 — Quickposes / Lunchtime Gestures

Some gesture practice from, along with some more lunchtime gestures from imagination.

You may have noticed I’m doubling up on days in a single day, getting caught up on some days that slipped by last few weeks without drawing.  Doing so is helping me draw more throughout the day; I’m enjoying sketching during lunch in particular.  It’s fun asking my wife what pose I should draw next from my mind, or who to try and capture someone that’s passing by.

Day 88 — Angel


Finished version of the angel I’ve been sketching over the past few days.  The feet were challenging and the proportions aren’t quite there, but I’m satisfied with how it turned out.  I screwed up on the face during the inking portion (again 🙂 so I fixed things quite a bit in Photoshop.  Here’s the original.